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Standard Size Magnets

We offer more than 15 standard sizes in the magnets we offer which are put to work for different applications. The varying sizes have varying applications in different sectors. The magnet cards are used in business promotions, calenders, fixed indoor banners, sports cards, mailer cards, etc. The magnets are highly durable and the finishing is amazing owing to the protective coating which is done on them to protect the custom design. High quality commercial grade magnet is used to manufacture each one of the magnet which you order.

We test our magnets on various parameters to ensure their longevity and utility. A magnet may loose its purpose if it is not good in quality and looses magnetism after using for some days. The magnets are made to fulfill a purpose and hence they must stay strong for a very long time. Our magnets are tested thoroughly and then sent to the customers. No glitch and low quality material is relieved into the market. Special heed is paid to ensure on time delivery and not even a single order gets delayed. Customer satisfaction stays on top on our check list and we strive to make it 100%.

The prices are less owing to our world class processes which ensure minimum wastage. The magnets remain useful year after year as neither the design fades away nor the magnetism decreases. The custom making of these standard size magnets is easy and multiple colors can be incorporated in putting any design on them without any hassle. The customers literally have to invest a few minutes and the magnets can be ordered at any time. We offer the lowest price to our customers as there is no middle man. The magnets come directly from the manufacturer and thus prove to be huge money saver for the customers who place order online.

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